We had been believers of the Lord Jesus Christ for many years. One day we realized that like many other believers, our lives had been captured by the busyness that our society so easily places and demands of us with the pursuit of success and self-gratification. As a businessman and high-ranking ARMY Special Forces Officer, l had a promising future with the military; while Claudia, a career professional in book publishing that promised success, glamour and promotion. However, in spite of this success, we both felt empty. Our marriage had started to feel affected by the demands of maintaining this lifestyle. We attended church all the time but something was missing. It was then that we both developed a deeper hunger for the things of God. We realized that we had been living a life like many others but that deep down in our hearts we knew the Lord had more for us, a ministry. We both repented of our sinful ways and turned our lives around while surrendering to God.


We started going back to the basics of the teachings of the gospel and why Jesus ministered with signs and wonders following. We realized that there was something missing in our prayers: power and authority. It was then when the journey began to not only teach us the truths of the gospel but to also share this with other believers. As a result, our household experienced a revival and a turn-around in the different areas of our lives. We are just another couple like many of you but we are desperate for more of Jesus. We crave for a movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives daily. Our desire is to see people awaken to the reality and the truth of God’s word and its practicality in everyday living. The Lord desires for us to be effective in prayer and all areas.


We are still a work in progress but find Jesus to be the full satisfaction to every longing of our heart and soul.


The Colonel, CMT, MS, ThD

The Colonel is a happy husband, dad and a successful entrepreneur.  

He held C-Level positions in the Banking and Technology sectors at the international level.  He has re-engineered corporate technology enterprise workflow platforms and established international Shared Services Operations.

The Colonel served in the Army and USAR for 33 years with 13 years in various Special Operations units and served in Military Intelligence units for 12 year.  The Colonel was one of three selected to the rank of Colonel in the Branch of Special Forces and later retired as a Colonel in order to be obedient to God's high heavenly calling on eternal ground.  Within his service in the Army, he specialized in Special Operations, Information Operations Warfare, served in multiple functional areas of Intelligence.  The Colonel completed his career with more campaign badges and officer qualifications of anyone serving in the army at the time of his retirement. 

The Colonel received his Bachelor's and Master's degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Aerospace. 

The Colonel is an Ordained Minister through Grace Theological Seminary where he received his ThD.

In 2018 he received an honorarium Doctorate of Ministry from the Emmanuel Theological Seminary, Kalaymyo, Myanmar.  Affiliated with the International Victory Bible College, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

In 2018 the Pastor received a honorarium Doctorate of Christian Leadership and Appointment Certificate of Visiting Professor from Judson International Seminary, in Yangon, Myanmar.  Affiliated with Global Gateway University, Missouri USA.

Today he is a building the Kingdom of God through Seedtime Harvest Ministries and the School of Authority Evangelism as his steps are ordered of the Lord. 

Claudia, ThM, ThD

Claudia is a happy wife, mom, sister, friend, entrepreneur, and above all... daughter of God.

Claudia currently works alongside her husband carrying on the vision of a national company in the United States dedicated to serving the finance and mortgage banking industry.

She also leads a company in central Asia whose mission is to provide services of outsource processes and technology to the banking industry globally. 

Prior to working with her husband, Claudia was the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Grupo Nelson, the publishing arm of Spanish books for Harper Collins Christian Publishing Division.  During her career at Grupo Nelson, she led national and international marketing campaigns for various releases in the categories of Bible, inspirational books, self help, business, fiction, christian living, and Bible software, in which several were written by best selling authors.

She is also the Founder of Lala & Papel, a stationery company dedicated to publishing notebooks and journals with the mission to "Nourish the art of writing."

Claudia is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and she believes in the Bible as her life code of conduct.  She strives daily to live a life of purpose, passion and legacy in the home and the marketplace.

Claudia ministers with her husband, The Colonel.  She received her masters and ThD ordainment from Grace Theological Seminary.  She also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from The University of Phoenix.

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