Deepening spiritual abilities for greater impact

The Prophet Priest King Gatherings are designed to increase the calling for more effective and fruitful labors within the kingdom so believers may continue to be more like Jesus.

What is the purpose of PPK Gatherings?

PPK Gatherings equip those who operate in the respective ‘Prophet Priest King office’ to train the Body for developing deeper understanding of the deployment of the respective offices following the Order of Melhizedek who was Priest and King.   David operated as Prophet Priest King and Jesus operated as Prophet Priest King.  

Who can attend the PPK Gatherings?

PPK Gatherings are open to anyone but our focus is on leadership.  PPK Gatherings are perfect for church leadership, organization leadership, pastors and missionaries. 

What can be expected?

PPK Gatherings are usually held over a two to three day period.  You will experience growth through fruitful and effective discipleship in evangelism.  You will be equipped with materials to disciple like Jesus for kingdom growth and you will learn how to heal and deliver like Jesus did.  You will hear from guest speakers, teachers, pastors and evangelist and experience hands-on demonstrations of God's power.    

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