We conducted two training events. One in Yangon and the other in Kalaymyo. Each training event was very fruitful where the participate practiced healing on one another as we completed each session.  The trained disciples went boldly to their respective areas of influence and began to share their testimony of God’s love and power where many other people were healed and came to Christ.  In the outskirts of Kalaymyo, a young man bound to a wheel chair walked for the first time.  A few weeks later the pastor and some disciples went to remote villages and shared the gospel where many incredible healing miracles happened, and people were saved.



We traveled to four different states where the School of Authority Evangelism was presented to pastors and ministers. In these locations, Christians are persecuted for their faith.  As the result of strict government policy toward Christians, we were only able to train for one day at each location.  However, Muslims and Hindus did attend, and they were able to witness the power of a living God.  On one occasion a Hindu man received healing and wanted to accept Christ.  We had to keep moving and was not able to have follow-up evangelism events, however, many pastors took the training to their churches and flocks.


River of Life Ministries, Rogers, AR

We had a Friday night and Saturday night training of the School of Authority Evangelism.  We were not able to do the entire eight sessions, but the training was very powerful.  Even though many people were healed, we also ministered healing through deliverance.  This was a unique event, but the Lord had a special purpose and need for the congregation.  Seedtime Harvest Ministries was able to minister and train uniquely as the Spirit directed resulting in a more stable and spiritually sound congregation.


The Gathering Church, Antioch, TN

The Gathering Church, Antioch, TN is a home church and we only presented one session of the School of Authority Evangelism.  Everyone who wanted healing received healing and many disciples learned how to heal the way Jesus taught His disciples.  Many believers had their faith increased because many had not seen healing in a long time.

Strike the Head of the Serpent Ministries, Huntington Station, NY

Strike the Head of the Serpent Ministries, Huntington Station, NY - This was a Friday and Saturday evening training event.  Many people attending needed healing from spiritual afflictions rather than physical healing.


Cuba was the most fruitful of all the events in 2018.  We presented the School of Authority Evangelism in two locations focusing on equipping pastors and various ministers.  We held two Evangelism Healing Services on Sunday where people crowded the streets and doorways of the church trying to hear the word of God and to witness God’s power and glory.  Many miracles were performed by the trained disciples.  After we concluded training at the second location the trained disciples went to the streets and neighborhoods where they approached people to minister healing and salvations.  Approximately 40 people accepted Christ and about 28 people where healed during the evangelism event.

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