Are you seeing results in your prayers when praying for others?

September 30, 2016

Many followers of Christ are not seeing fruitful results when they pray for others for healing or when a miracle is needed.  Jesus and the disciples often prayed for the infirmed or spoke the word to heal or to cast out demons, or raise the dead so that multitudes will believe and become followers of Christ.


If you want your church to grow and have fruitful evangelism do not rely on the buildings, music, lighting, and motivational hype even though it is all nice and has its appropriate place in the scheme of things. Learn how to pray effectively with signs and miracles so that people's faith will increase in the Lord so that they will become followers of Christ. Jesus had multitudes following him and would go without food for days to hear the Word and to see the healings and miracles.  If you want multitudes to come to Christ or to grow your church, learn how to pray effectively so the results are fruitful.  Seedtime Harvest Ministries is dedicated to help ministries worldwide to be more effective and fruitful so that their ministry efforts are fruitful in bringing the harvest.


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