Praying for Others

Seedtime Harvest Ministries prays for many people who are looking for healing from infirmities and deliverance from spiritual oppression or bondage. Seedtime Harvest Ministries trains the Body of Christ to have effective prayers as Jesus and the disciples did as in gospel and the book of Acts.

How did Jesus and the disciples pray for others?

We know Jesus often prayed in his priestly role. However, he and the disciples also commanded as in the kingly role. When Jesus and the disciples prayed prior to the day of Pentecost, they commanded as acting in the kingly role by making commands to the infirmities and demons.

Did Jesus ever do the following when he prayed...

  • Father, I command you to make this sickness to go

  • Hallelujah, thank you Father fo healing this person

  • Go and receive your healing later because I know the Father will heal you

  • Did Jesus ever speak in tongues?

  • Do you think Jesus closed his eyes when He spoke healing?

  • Did Jesus ever make a heart felt prayer to His Father to heal the sick, cast out demons, or raise the dead?

  • Did Jesus, the disciples, or the seventy disciples have the gift of healing when they healed the sick or cast out demons?

If you do any of the above things, you probably are not seeing people healed or taking authority over spiritual bondage. Chances are you are seeing no fruitful results and being defeated with unbelief and doubt that is weakening your faith and testimony of Christ.

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