Seedtime and Harvest

We at Seedtime Harvest Ministries are doing what Jesus commanded by preaching the gospel to all living creatures. We preach and teach the word of God. We preach the gospel with the help of the Holy Spirit so that people's heart may receive Jesus Christ the Messiah, the son of God and repent and follow Him.

This is why seed time and harvest is so important. Planting and harvesting at the same time. Most believers do not know how too properly bring the gospel which is one reason the body is so weak in unprepared to win the lost.


One thing that most people do not know is that when a harvest is made that some of the harvest must be kept in reserve so that the next season the seeds from the crop harvested can be dried and replanted for the next season. Seed planting takes a lot of work. One must dig and till the soil to kill the unwanted grasses, weeds and unwanted seeds. Tilling and soil preparation exposes the unwanted vegetation's roots and seeds to the air, sun and removes them from the source of nourishment. They will dry in the sun and burn because of the lack of nutrients and moisture from the soil. The ground must be dug tilled again prior to planting. The planting occurs, symbolic to being buried, where the seed will grow and raise from a dead seed to resurrected new live that will come into full maturity and will also produce seed. But watering, baptism, must come quickly because the seed were dried during the winter symbolic to death. As the watering is performed, symbolic to the baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit, followed by a healthy fertilizing symbolic to being fed from the Word of God, the plant grows producing fruit that contains seed for the Master's harvest.

...and the Harvest

The harvest is the most rewarding because the efforts of the seedtime has paid off and the efforts of the labors produce a yield. We must work quackly during the harvest because the harvest could go bad, be destroyed by a storm, destroyed by animals or insects, become diseased, and possibly rot on the plant. The harvest always produces the yield beyond the small seed that died during seedtime. Yes, the seed must die during seedtime during planting and be resurrected so that it produces a fruitful harvest.

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