From Their Substance

Have you ever noticed that we see in the Bible that many of those who were where set free from evil spirits and demons and who were healed from infirmities appeared to understand who Jesus really was?

”…and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities… …and many others (women) who provided for Him from their substance.” Luke 8:2-3

Yet many continued to hear the word of God and continue to die as in the parable of the Sower. Luke 8:4-15

Is there a connection between those who had a clear revelation of who Jesus was because of their deliverance and healings as compared to those who had no miracle in their life and only had to accept the word of God by hearing?

Is the parable spoken by Jesus regarding the seeds of the sower where the seeds landed a clue as to the condition of the heart to receive the glad tidings of the kingdom of God? Was the heart of these women more fertile and prepared to receive the Word as compared to the ones who only heard the Word?

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