Sowed Word Taking Root

The seed is thrown onto the ground for the purpose of taking root and producing fruit. So often, much seed is thrown in the hope of it finding fertile soil. Often the seed falls in places where it is not taking root and growing into maturity. Sometimes the seed is carried away by birds, sometimes the seed lands in weed infested areas, and sometime it falls upon rock, concrete or asphalt. All these areas are vulnerable places of no fertility and no hope of mature fruit.

It is our intent by the Holy Spirit to give you seed that will take root in your fertile heart. We are looking for fields of hearts ready to be worked and cultivated for a harvest. We want our s

eed to produce fruit in you for the nourishment of the Body of Christ. So that His body is fed and grows to maturity. Let's check the condition of our soil in our heart gardens and ask the Holy Spirit to help prepare for planting.

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