A Legion of Demons

January 10, 2017

The power of Jesus is fully not comprehensible when we look at what He did for the demonized man who lived among the dead in the cemetery.  The demons were terrified that Jesus was going to punish them as they knelt at His feet.  Yet Jesus was faithful to heal this man who had been afflicted for many years.  This man's demons were so powerful he could not be chained and shackled.  The complete deliverance resulted in this man’s desire to surrender his live to the Lord and wanted to follow Him as a disciple.  Yet, Jesus needed him to stay in his home country to be a testimony of the power and healing that He did.


How powerful are your demons?  I often see both men and women who suffer from bitterness, unforgiveness and rejection.  Yet, we see stronger spirits of rebellion, anger, rage, jealousy, and perversions.  Yes, women often are often struggling from perversions however in different ways than men.


Jesus wants you liberated and free from all oppression and bondage that has enter you since your youth. We at Seedtime Harvest Ministries train worldwide healing like Jesus did.  You may request The School of Authority Training to be taught at your location.  We train you to do it exactly how Jesus did it.  You will be surprised of the miracles you will see and experience if you are open to The School of Authority Training.







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