Preparing the Body of Christ

March 23, 2017

The people were waiting for Jesus and the crowd had grown to thousands of people to the point they were trampling on one another.  The first thing Jesus says to his disciple is to be cautious of the sins of the Pharisees because they are hypocrites.  I believe Jesus will also destroy that which puts on a form of Godliness and is corrupt on the inside such as the many who are in the Christian and evangelical faith but yet continue to abuses the office of Prophet, Priest, King in the body of Christ.


Jesus will destroy churches and denominations that:

  • Adopt abominations as socially acceptable and integrate it into the faith

  • Take on religious laws and practices

  • Fail in fulfilling the message of repentance and the kingdom of God

  • Take on strange fire

  • Perverse leaders who defile their representation of Christ

  • Create and adopt false doctrines

When Jesus exposes and reveals the corruption of that which is supposed to represent His body, the false body will come against the real body of Christ and will desire to kill and destroy it just as the Pharisees, scribes, and lawyers did with Jesus.  


Jesus has every intention of destroying everything that is a false representation of the Word of God, the body of Christ, and Himself.

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