Repent of Perish

Often vineyard dressers planted other plants in the vineyard to help with the pollination of the grape flowers so the vine will produce grapes. The cross pollination helped the flowers receiving the seed of the pollen to produce its fruit. If the fig tree is not producing the flower buds there can be no fertilization of the flower that will bring the fruit of the vine or tree. The vine will be fruitless because there are no buds that will bloom into a flower that will be pollinated to produce fruit.

Typically the fig or fig tree represents the leadership of the body or the “church”. Jesus’ ministry was approximately three years and He sought out to find the quality fruit from what He planted. God wants to cut down all the unfruitful bodies that does not help the vines to produce it’s fruit.

It is the desire of Jesus to give man one last chance to produce good figs. He wants to fertilize it and nourish it to health so that it can be saved. Some of you are not producing fruit acceptable to the Father and He is looking to cut you down and cast you into the fire. He wants to replace you with a tree that will produce fruit. Take this word and hear it. Repent and change so that your fruit is pleasant to the Master of the Vineyard. He will destroy a diseased tree by fire. Be fed by the word today and repent and be strong by the vine dresser Jesus.

If you begin to bear the fruit by the provisions of the vine dresser Jesus, you will be saved. The master needs that space in the vineyard to help cross pollinate the grape blooms so that the vines are fruitful. God’s wrath will be upon those people who are called to produce the fruit of the fig and are not producing the figs.

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