Lost and Found

The Holy Spirit will draw sinners to the Word of God. The Pharisees were always around when Jesus was speaking and they were the greatest of sinners. They too were drawn unto Him because they were also called to repentance and to be baptized.

Their religious pride segregated them from those who needed God the most. What Shepard Pastor has the desire or ability to leave their flock and go after one… looking only for one lost sheep until it is found? Every broadcast we are looking for you. We want to find you. We will continue until we find you.

Most will write you off as lost cause. Some may leave it up to someone else to rescue you.

Are you wondering in the wilderness with a group of lost sheep? Are you in the green fields being fed and watered? Are you hungry and thirsty for the Word of God? Many sheep are in the wilderness and they are all lost together with their shepherd who does not reach out to the lost sinners.

We want to find you and bring you out of the sinful lifestyle you may have and bring you to the Father’s house where you will be loved by Him and He will give you all in His kingdom. We want to show you how to be found. We are looking for you

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