Rich Fool

May 4, 2017


You think you got it all figured out don’t ya?  Well, you are wrong as hell.  Yes, I said it… Hell.  Luke Chapter 16 is nothing more than a series of warnings spoken in parables by Jesus.  There is the unjust steward, the Pharisees who were lovers of money, and the rich man.  Jesus gives those who chase after mammon… (riches and money) big warnings and with each warning Jesus became more graphic and blunt to their prophetic destiny. 


The kingdom of God is preached and everyone is pressing into it.  Don’t continue pressing into your earthly kingdom of fame, fortune, success, and material things. But press into the riches of heaven and build your treasure there. The treasures of heaven will be with you for eternity after the things of this world faded away.  Don’t be like the rich man who cried and beg from his flames that tormented him.  Give yourself to Christ Jesus and die to the person you are today and be born again in Christ Jesus who is the resurrection power of life eternal.

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