Christian vs Disciple

Many are called to salvation of God by Jesus, God’s Son. But few are chosen to love and serve with love like Jesus demonstrated and commanded. Many in the faith pursue elevation of themselves in positions, titles, and social circles. Some serve out of obligation, guilt, perceived expectations, and pressure. It is the true love that enables us to be last as we serve in love by taking the role of a slave. We are called to love but few are chosen to love even with the greatest rejection and betrayal by those we love. Can the Spirit count on you to love others unconditionally? The Spirit is calling those to love. Can He trust you enough to choose you to love? There is a promised blessing when we become last rather than first. When we choose to love, the Lord chooses us for greater things in the kingdom of God. He can only choose those He can trust.

We cannot be called a disciple unless we love. Many call themselves Christian. Yet, do we see the love of God coming from them? Many Christians do not love the way that Jesus demonstrated and commanded? Therefore, I take the position that a Christian is one who believes Jesus is the Son of God and may receive instructions and participate in respective fellowships but they lack love. The Christian often has fear. In perfect Love there is no fear. They also struggle with unbelief in the Word of God, the promises of God, and the love of God. So if a Christian lacks love, has fear, unbelief, lacks faith, and other things that are contrary to love then how can a Christian be called a Disciple? A Christian cannot be a Disciple because one can only be Disciple unless one loves the way Christ demonstrated and commanded. A Disciple loves because a Disciple follows and obey God’s commandment of love. If a Disciple loves God, a Disciple will also be in God’s perfect will.

I see and know many Christians who are called by the Spirit unto God because many are called to God. Unfortunately, I only know a few of the Elect. The Elect are the Chosen because only a few are Chosen to be Disciples who can love like Jesus loved. The Chosen, are Disciples or the Elect that will be the 144,000 of the Body of Christ who will go where the Lamb goes because they chose to love like the Lamb of God.

Are you ready to love? Are you ready for Jesus to identify you as a Disciple rather than a Christian? Do you want to go from being called to being chosen? Do you want to be part of the end-day Body of Christ who will go where the Lamb goes? Then choose to love and forgive and come from being called into being chosen because you love as Jesus taught and love as He gave the example as the Master Teacher.

May the Love of God find you and teach you to love. May the critical and prideful heart be bound to the chains of love so that God is all in all you are and all you do for His glory.

- Pastor Colonel

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