Do it like Jesus did!

From Carol Nichols | April 2018

I know that you are out of the country but my heart is filled with so much thanksgiving for the blessing that you brought to this ministry that I just couldn't hold the joy.  Many have called and said how they really did enjoy the teaching and anointing that you carry.  For the first time I even feel confident that I can do it.  When I have seen others praying for the sick, I always said I just didn't have that many words in my vocabulary (smile).  And I surely could not remember all that they said (smile).  But you put it simple, yet profound, "do it like Jesus did it."  You can't get any more plainer than that!

School of Authority Evangelism

Pastor Ravi Daniel | Model Prayer Church | Faisalabad, Pakistan

Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


It is a great pleasure for us to share with you our story about the recent live steam School of Authority Evangelism training seminar that Pastor Colonel provided to us in Pakistan from the USA.  It is a really solid soul winning resource that helps make disciples. It also trained us on how to become more fruitful for soul winning in Pakistan.  We were able to train 50 to 55 people on how to evangelize like Jesus and the disciples did in the Bible. And during this training we learned and performed many miracles and signs of wonders in the name of Jesus.



A girl was healed from head pain and another was healed from pain in her arm.

One girl was healed from back pain, another young girl was healed from demons while another women was healed from stomach pain

Two women were healed from back pain and another women was healed from her foot pain.

A man and a woman were healed from joint pains while another man received healing from his back pain and an old man received healing from his leg pain.


During the School of Authority Evangelism Jesus really touch people.  We have never received any training like this nor have we seen training produce so many miracles. However, there were many who were shy to tell about their testimonies in front of other people.  For example, the man who received his healing on the first day from his back pain did not share what had happened to him.  After he received his healing he return on the third day trusting Jesus with a very difficult family problem in which he shared with Pastor Colonel.  Pastor Colonel used the authority of Jesus and God answered the prayer and gave the family a mighty victory!  Praise God!


We are praying for Pastor Colonel daily and we would like to do more live stream webinar training in Pakistan so that we may have more disciples trained in the School of Authority Evangelism so that we may win more souls for the kingdom of God.  We are praying and waiting for the next event.

Jesus for Gentiles Grace Life Ministry

Authority Evangelism Pastor's Conference | Kerala, India

Christian greetings from India, Kerala state "Jesus for Gentiles Grace Life Church".  We want to thank God for Pastor Colonel and family as God used them for the glory of God in different nations.  I want to share a few things happened through their ministry in India for the glory of God.


Thank God for sending Pastor Colonel and family in our midst.  We had a blessed Sunday on December 27, 2015.  Many people were healed when he prayed with the authority of Jesus.  Many people still talk about what happened from Seedtime Harvest Ministries on that Sunday. After the Sunday service, we went to a widow’s house where she is rears two orphan grandchildren. There, the neighbors gathered and God healed a girl who could not hear since birth.  She realized she was healed when she heard a barking dog at a distance. 

On December 28 – 29, 2015 we had Pastor’s Conference that went all day and a service into the night. Approximately 150 pastors and some wives gather from different states.  Pastor Colonel taught the Authority Evangelism and we were all blessed by what we learned and what we saw as we healed each other.  We received new insight and understanding on how to do fruitful and effective ministry as Jesus did. The pastors were exited and started to pray for the sick over their mobile phones. We could see God healing people. The training was really a turning point where I understood, I have the full authority and power over demons and sickness. Now the trained pastors pray for the sick people in their respective ministries and Jesus is healing many and churches are being blessed. As I also got trained. I am now traveling to villages and praying for the sick as Jesus and His disciples did and Jesus is healing and people and they are coming out from their bondage.  I have now started to train the pastors for the great commission just as Pastor Colonel taught me. Thank Pastor Colonel and family for investing your time and energy to come to India and train us. 

Pastor S G Rajeev
Jesus for Gentiles Grace Life Ministry

Victory Community Church

School of Authority Evangelism | Yangon, Myanmar

Dear Rev. Colonel,

Greetings to you in our Lord's precious name again and hope and pray that you arrived home, safe, and rested by now.

First of all, on behalf of the Victory Community Church, I want to say thank you so much for your wonderful ministry with us in Yangon, Myanmar.  Your training,  Authority Evangelism, has indeed blessed us in a very, special, and practical way and also it is biblical.  We truly appreciate your hard work so very much.

I have visited some of those who attended the Authority Evangelism training seminar and here are some of their joyful and exciting comments about the impact, effect, and outcomes.

A lady with a pain on her right arm told me that she was suffering pain every night and could not sleep well. After we prayed for her the way you taught us, she is now free and the pain has gone and there is no more pain at all and she can now sleep very well every night. Praise the Lord! And her husband was so inspired by all your teachings, especially, about healing the sick and how to use the power and authority that Jesus our Master has given us as we pray for the sick. As I went to his home, in fact, he was studying all the Bible verses from the seminar in details, writing down the scriptures and telling me that he would memorize those healing verses so that he could use them as he prays for the sick. He was really determined to use the authority and power and preparing himself by restudying his notes before he goes out and ministers to all the sick.

The taxi driver, my church elder, told me that he was so blessed in so many ways through your training too.  He said, he did not realize that the demons could take a hold in his emotions in the form of temptation. Sometimes he needed deliverance from this and he did not realize that the enemy could temp him to want more and more. He could never be satisfy with the outcomes his work. But now, he will not let the devil take a hold in his emotions of wanting physical or emotional needs. Also, he learned that it is much easier and faster to use the authority in the name of Jesus to cast the demons our or heal the sick. He was emotionally disturbed by worrying about tomorrow, for the children, and change of business and that usually kept him from a good sleep. Now, he knows the demons start to disturb him with worry of things so now he knows how to command those worries to go away and have a very, sound, and good sleep every night since the training. His wife also told me that she learned that she should be very careful about pushing, slapping, and rubbing as she prays for the demon possessed people or for prayer for healing for somebody when laying of the hands. Also, she can now pray for healing over the phone too. She confessed that she did not use the authority though it was already given to us by our master Jesus for healing or deliverance.

Pastor Colonel, I also realized that I must be very Biblical and make sure all the styles of our prayers for healing and deliverance. Most of the time, we are limited in praying from what we have seen or heard from others and we copied what we saw them doing rather than checking according to the Bible.  We want to be Biblical in our prayers so it is very important to pray Biblical the same way as Jesus and his disciples did in the Bible.  Praying the way Jesus and his disciples saves time and energy and we can see healing right away without taking so much time.  We should pray just as Peter and John did to the beggar at the beautiful gate.

There are many that received a fresh deliverance in a very powerful way too when you performed mass deliverance.

In conclusion, I deeply appreciate you training, Authority Evangelism to us so very much and we are all looking forward to seeing you and learning from you more and more in the near future.
May the Lord bless your life and the Seedtime Harvest Ministries for harvesting the nations and raising up many disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ until His return.

Rev. Joseph PD Lian
Victory Community Church
Yangon, Myanmar

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